What’s love got to do with it?

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Last week I was at the local government hospital accompanying my mum on her regular check up at the surgical department. If you are not Malaysian, then you’ll never know what the experience of waiting at the local government is like.


There are long waiting lines, a management that does not honor pre arranged appointments, a patient registration system that’s pre historical and nurses and hospital staff that treat you according to the moods that they are in on that particular day! Not to mention doctors who are “young lings” in the practice of medicine and who simply get the basics wrong. This would certainly give any patient the motivation to either get well soon or simply choose to meet their maker fast!     


OK, enough of that. Suffice to say, it is never a pleasant experience for any ordinary person. Now back to my story. As I was waiting for my mum’s number to be called, something amazing happened. In came a couple into this chaos, one was on a wheel chair and the other was pushing. Quite normal, you may think. Not quite in this case. The husband on the wheel chair was suffering form the advance stage of Parkinson disease and was shaking uncontrollably. His wife who was pushing him was suffering form chronic Parkinson’s disease too!


If you can picture what was happening, it was both shocking and inspiring! Here was this old man seated and shaking uncontrollably and his wife struggling along, shaking and at the same time giving him a gentle message to keep him calm. For those unaware about the symptoms of advance Parkinson’s, they include; complete reliance on others, difficulty in speaking or communicating, severely compromised hand-eye coordination, episodes of involuntarily rapid muscle movement, lost of ones situational awareness and the  experience of unexplained pain!


They moved along slowly, not asking for help, sympathy or special favors to their appointment. For a brief few seconds, the whole crowded hallway came to a stand still, for at some point, anyone who saw this sight stood still for a moment in wonderment. I on my part was totally overcome with compassion and inspiration!


What an amazing testimony of marital commitment, devotion and condition less love! It got me thinking about the “modern day” definitions of love that is so widely evangelized by the lyrics of today’s music, romantic novels, movies and comedies as well as the “mass commercialization movement” of love, relegating love to a mere commodity best described as an emotion, “feeling” or “chemistry” that mysteriously appears and disappears, much like the seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn!

Accordingly, to be “commercially in love”, would mean that couples must not have differences or face difficulties, hardship and challenges. Their “feelings” must always be intense, the sex has to be “Hollywood like” and both partners must be able to anticipate each other’s every move, mind read intentions and keep the flowers,  watches, chocolates and champagne flowing all the time, every time! (How else can the commercial entreaties make their money and sustain their profits!) If any of the above is lacking or stops, it means that you have fallen out of love and it is time to move on.


While I have nothing against occasionally demonstrating ones love to ones partner in opulent ways, the very definition of love today has been so disfigured! I imagine, if the couple who I saw last week could have their say about “commercialized love”, they would simply say….“what’s love got to do with it?”


For them, it had to do with forging a lasting partnership that had no exit clauses! For better or for worse, simply meant unconditionally for better or for worse! Sometimes I wonder if this is the best definition of unconditional love! Commitment! That’s it. That’s the word, a principled word that has become a word to be avoided today!


For them, it meant a relationship that could withstands life’s “sunrises” and “sunsets” as well as the storms that refines the metal of love and turns it into gold! Love of this nature  can also be described by these attributes: commitment, devotion, unconditional partnership, a “for better or for worse” relationship, sacrifice, apologizing, forgiving and accepting, altruistic feelings of affection, getting one’s ego out of the way, listening and communicating, supporting and cherishing unconditionally.


A love that says that you’ll never be left behind, abandoned, “sold off” or belittled when you are jobless, old, sick, disabled….no matter “what come what may”!


What do you think?


“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear …”

~1 John 4:18~


Here’s a song that I would like to share with you that helps me remember the true nature and meaning of love…..enjoy!   



Stay committed to transcending, transforming and transferring value back to your world!



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