The Final Installment on The law of Aggression VS The law of “Meaningful Attraction” in Business & Sales – More Practical Implications – Part 3

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Finally, we are at the last installment of this mini series on the Law of “Meaningful Attraction” in Business and Sales. Last week we saw how this law presupposes the practice of a dynamic form of Leadership which unleashes potential as opposed to one that major’s on control, aggression and intimidation!


Next we saw a real life example of a business enterprise that practiced this law and experienced tremendous socio economic benefits, proof that we can use this principle in the reality of today’s challenging business world!


This week we will wrap things up with a few more practical implications on how this law can be utilized at “ground zero” of our businesses and sales efforts. Before we do, lets us once again visit this law…….


The Law of “Meaningful Attraction” says that you attract and manifest into your life your highest and best meanings by your power of intention and attention. In other words, your dominant, primary or Meta frame of mind that holds your highest and richest meaning becomes your attractor frame that organizes your business and sales perception, focus, orientation, behavior, initiatives and strategies both internally and externally. It’s the business and the “business behind the business” of your enterprise!



So here are 3 more ways how this Law can be practically implemented in your business:


1) Energy flows where attention goes as directed by intention.           

This Neuro Linguistic Presupposition plays a crucial, but more often then not, totally hidden role in our daily emotional, spiritual, psychological, business, sales, relationships equilibrium. Our energy and vitality for thinking, imagination, planning, living and enterprise flows in the direction of our intention, consciously or unconsciously!  


Example, if we start the day negatively, holding a negative frame of mind about ourselves, others, the universe, etc, we will most probably give ourselves the proverbial “bad day” simply because our power of attention would be focused negatively, generating the kind of energy that binds and hinders rather then unleashing the needed resources to realize our highest and best intentions.


This principle plays a critical role in the practice of this Law in business and sales. It serves as the attractor frame that pulls on us and pushes us to perform our highest meanings and intentions in all aspects of the business enterprise, for policy making, budgeting, human resource issues, product development, pricing, sales, customer service, after sale services, etc.   


Many businesses start by honoring their highest and best meanings. They come out with a code of honor to direct their business and sales attention, strategies, tactics and relationships. Nevertheless as time moves along, they get distracted, discouraged, disillusioned, greedy, selfish, seduced by the “get rich quick” capitalist strategies that water down their highest meanings and intentions.


When this happens, their attention shifts and they unconsciously attract unwanted outcomes…Enron, BP and a whole hosts of other business institutions are examples that have scandalized and profaned the sacred in human enterprise! They simply quit walking their talk!


2). Practice the Law of abundance and have a mindset of service.

The Law of “Meaningful Attraction” presupposes an abundant mindset, one of service. This simply means that the focus is always on giving “value-added” service that makes a difference in the customer’s life, business, etc.


The object shifts away from just “closing a sale” and going for the “quick kill” ( no matter if the customer needs your product or service or not), to providing a genuine  “life enhancing” quality product or service. The operative word here is “quality”- quality of product and service, which stems from a mindset of abundance and service. As they say, “Quality costs less.” And when you have satisfied customers, you would breed loyal clients! In other words, you will start to attract to your business the very kind of customers that you need! 


3) Know your highly valued uniqueness and be committed to keeping it unique, innovative and fresh

Practice ‘kaizan’ – keep making little improvements in all areas of your business, all the while! Steven Covey speaks of this as “sharpening the saw”, keep on keeping on improving, evolving and innovating your uniqueness. Then, remain committed to differentiating yourself. What happens when you do this? You create an intense interest and curiosity in the market place; you simply stand out and attract business! This in turn creates a strong business momentum that powerfully influences; you become a business magnet and in time an icon! Remember Apple?    


Remember, “Same is lame!” The definition of lame is: “A pathetic lack of force or effectiveness.” If you are the same as everyone else, you will then lack force and effectiveness. You will no longer be an attract business proposition in the market place! Imagine the consequences….you will simply become just another business enterprise struggling to survive, “fighting for sales” and being condemned to the never ending battles of price wars, deception, undercutting, etc….simply because you lost sight of your highest meaning!


Remember, keep things meaningful and stay committed to transcending, transforming and transferring value back to your world!


Conrad Rozario is the founder of Alchemy Resources. He has more than 14 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Management and Talent Development. He holds a MBA from Gordon University, Illinois, is a Certified & Licensed Trainer of Neuro Semantics and NLP (ISNS, USA), a Master Practitioner in Neuro Semantics and NLP (ISNS, USA) and a Language and Behavior Profiling for Coaching Practitioner.  You can follow Conrad on facebook!