The Alchemy Edge

The Alchemist Edge:

A COMBINATION OF TECHNOLOGIES that we call the “Alchemist Edge”.  

What are these technologies that we combine? 

Focused Consulting
Which is the sharing of Expertise.

The guidance from Experience.

Solving issues of “the heart” at the work place.

A Collaborative and Creative partnership that deals with why what needs to be done by whom  and by when.

The teaching, demonstrating and “embodying”  of new skills, techniques, strategies and attitudes. 

The combination of these technologies results in a dynamic product that is not easily duplicated, which we call ……….                                                                 


The Alchemist edge

The medium of delivery and evolution of this dynamic technology – “The Alchemist edge” – is through the systematic framework and technology of Neuro Semantics – Neuro linguistic Programming….which gives us the Alchemist Difference.              


The Alchemy Difference: Neuro-Semantic & NLP

Semantics refers to all of the meanings you create as a meaning-maker.

 Meaning is our inner game, the inner game of corporations, business entities and individuals.. 

What are your meanings about yourself, others, life, your business, customers, product, service, working relationships, etc.?

Are they significant and solid?

Are they enhancing and “value adding” ones or are they “unclear”, irrelevant and perhaps even toxic?

What meanings have you “made real”? What meanings is your business “making real” now?

 How well do the meanings that you are living today serve you?


Neurology (neuro) refers to your body, physiology, and states. It is in and through your neurology that you feel, experience, and perform your meanings.

This is our outer game where actions, performance and behavior bring to life our meanings, be them rich ones or poor and misaligned ones!

The outer game involves physiology, emotions, expressions, actions and behavior.  

What is the performance of your sales, marketing, business development and customer service personnel like?

Do they reflect your best ideas and meanings?

Do they express in performance (skill, strategies & tactics) the ideas and purpose of your business enterprise?

Or is there a big gap between what they know and what they do?


Neuro-Semantics & Neuro Linguistic Programing focuses on closing the Knowing-Doing Gap, its about Modeling the Best!