The “007 Bond” Identity

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“My name is Bond, James Bond.”….ah, the famous self introduction and identity line that most of us have heard and used before. You can recall the scene, Bond meets sexy babe who throws him the inevitable question, “….and who are you? Bond, James Bond!” This self introduction and identification is accompanied by high degree of self belief and esteem, meaning, confidence, charm, competency and swagger, which enables Bond to do just one thing, be himself, consistently, on and off the job, either in a tuxedo, in swimming trunks or in a life threatening situation! The power identity!



 The words of L. Michael Hall PhD, founder of Neuro Semantics, sums this well for us, “I never leave home without my Self”. Yes, we never really leave home, run a business, study, manage a career, be in a relationship, relate to another or work as a team without our self, our identity of who we are. It is from this self “identity frame” that we live. It determines the quality of all the other dimensions of our humanness…we simply can’t leave home without it! So what is identity? Do you have one?


Identity is how we have chosen to define ourselves; it is the given measure of the value, worth, esteem, meaning and efficacy that we have given to ourselves, to our very being. We can either think and feel of ourselves as valuable and worthwhile or hold ourselves in contempt, despising either some parts of ourselves, like our looks, body, face, intellect, or every aspect of ourselves! The ultimate villain that will even defeat Bond!


When this happens we can either become extremely other referent, meaning that we hang on to the opinions of others to define our identity, seeking their approval to feel OK becoming the classic “people pleaser” with an anonymous personality. Or we may choose to develop a “false” egoistic self identity which borders on narcissism, personalizing everything and putting our ego “on the line” in every situation, trying to become a “somebody”, consistently mismatching every person, situation or opinion! The inadequate, conditionally valuable and unworthy identity frame!



 We have all met or come across the teenager who identifies with gangs to have a measure of identity, the adult who makes her career her identity, the student who commits suicide when he or she fails a major exam, the parent who lacks a sufficient sense of self identity that the children become their identity, the soccer star who has two identities – the one on the pitch and the one that is addicted to cocaine or the person who consistently seem to have a civil war going on within, doubting oneself, fearing the unknown or fearing to take risks, feeling unloved or worthless, indecisive, extremely shy, frustrated and overcome by a blunt and nagging sense of being unfulfilled and incomplete! The “insecurely bound” identity! 



 While society, materialism and consumerism may choose to offer us “false identity cards” of what ones value and worth consist of, be that being a “high net individual” or a “somebody” with either a title before or after our names, the undeniable and irrefutable truth is that we have inherent value and worth, are loveable and gifted, possess dignity and esteem simply because we are human persons. The very fact you and I are human beings, we are “somebody with nothing to prove, but everything to experience…freed to be and become, to explore and enjoy and to choose to only identify with the things that enable us to become more than we presently are.” (The Matrix Model, L. Michael Hall Ph.D)


That’s the truth, that’s the good news! We have a solid identity! We are the image of our maker, the source of our identity! When we accept this, we would have taken the red pill…we would have awaken from our false identity frame only to discover that our inner worth already exist, inherently.


Want proof of this? Simply take a new born baby and place it next to a brand new BMW, a fancy title, some qualification or a multi million dollar bank account and you will see the worth of that baby, that human person, as inherent and immeasurably more valuable than any one of those things! If we can see this in babies, why not in our very selves!


This TRUTH frees up lots of “mental –and-emotional energy” that we may be using for “egoistic living”, for “pleasing others” or from consistently doubting and sabotaging ourselves, giving us renewed vigor to be fully alive, unashamed and unafraid to own and express our uniqueness. This is our source of our identity and security!


How important is this? Extremely! It will make the difference between experiencing life like a Martini in the hands of Bond “shaken and stirred” or being “The Bond” himself or herself, “un bound” by the shackles of self doubt and unworthiness. So the next time when life, or an opportunity or even a potential life partner asks you the question,” who are you?”….you’d know who you are and be ready for the time of your life!


Stay committed to transcending, transforming and transferring value back to your world!



Conrad Rozario is the founder of Alchemy Resources. He has more than 14 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Management and Talent Development. He holds a MBA from Gordon University, Illinois, is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Semantics and NLP (ISNS, USA), a Language and Behavior Profiling for Coaching Practitioner. You can follow Conrad on facebook!