“He is an excellent public speaker and trainer, a natural leader…”
C.K. Tan

“…a dynamic trainer and public speaker in the field of entrepreneurship and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential in the business…I have gained immensely from my relationship with him over these years.”
Hj. Aznan

“…Mr. Rozario is a gifted and articulate speaker… (he) clearly enjoys imparting and sharing his knowledge and skill…”
Dr. Joy

“He has been of great help in providing me his insight, business solutions and problem solving skills in my business.”
Samuel Jayabal

“In conducting training courses, seminars and team building events for my Network Marketing Business, Conrad has been one of the most regular and skillful trainers who worked with me.”
Peter Kallang

“He constantly conveys a positive aura which brightens up his surroundings.”
Gibson Santa Maria 

“Conrad Rozario is also an incredible trainer and motivator in the field of business training and personal development. He believes in the unlimited potential of the human persona and always caters his training towards this end.”
Major Mohan