The “Cream Lelaki” (Man’s Cream) Sales Lesson

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Last Saturday morning, on my way back home with my wife from Bukit Jalil, we stopped at a traffic light to turn into the federal highway. At this junction, I saw on the traffic light post itself the poster “cream lelaki” with the picture of a tiger! I quickly got my wife to take out her camera phone and get shot of it…..not that I wanted to buy the product, but to highlight a simple but powerful law in sales, the law of association or referencing.

If you take a look at the picture, you’ll see “Cream Lelaki” and the picture of a tiger…a growling fierce tiger! Then the words ‘Boleh didapati di farmasi tertentu” (can be purchased at selected pharmacies) together with a hand phone number (which I have covered, because they are not offered me any commission for sales).  No features, benefits, unique selling proposition, sexy marketing lingo or whatever any marketing guru may insist an advertisement should include! They only used the law of association and left the rest for the viewer to imagine….and our imaginations are the most sexy sales and marketing machine in the world!

How does it work? Quite simple, really….

  1. Just state a general term: “Cream Lelaki” (which could be any kind of cream, just don’t be specific!)

  2. Put a provocative picture: The picture of a growling and fierce looking tiger ( now the picture is important, a picture of a sleeping tiger or cat would not work!)

  3. Frame the two together and put in the contact details.            

That’s it! Done! The law of association takes over.

A reader, a man or a woman, who is concerned for her man, looks at the picture and the words…….and their imagination kicks in with associations! A tiger…..fierce, virile, potent, aggressive, a “wild thing” linked to the “cream” and linked to the subject “lelaki”. The images of association get connected with pictures, sounds and feelings in the head with the imagined after effects and benefits! Bam! Infinite possibilities are erected in the mind….or somewhere else. All his happens in seconds!  Even if you do not need this stuff, all you need to do is see it and your mind would imagine something…..good or bad, it does not really matter; it got air time in your head! Objective achieved!  

The lesson, use the law of association in your sales efforts. Use it right though, the wrong associations can lead to sales ED….then you’ll be looking for some kind of cream to help get sales up!


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