Tell It Like A Story

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Are you in sales? Marketing? Advertisement? Are you in training or play a leadership role in your company or family? If you are involved in any of the above, then you are involved in communication, in “connecting” with individuals or groups, impacting, impressing and influencing them to make a decision to buy into your idea, vision, service, product or even paradigm.


In short, it means communicating with the intention to impact, inspire and influence, leading your audience to make a decision to act in the direction you are pointing to. While many books and articles have been written on this subject with countless gurus and training programs in the market, I would simply like to share with you this short clip which sums up some essentials in effective communication. It invites us to put the fun back into communication which has become too muddled with unnecessary complicated tips, strategies and fanciful jargon! So lean back and enjoy!

The following are the 7  essential steps for you to take to communicate effectively:

  • Know your audience and their context – who are they? what are they looking for?

  • The impact you would like create – what emotional state do you want to put them in to enable you to influence them?

  • The decision you would like them to make, which is the outcome of your communication

  • Place your message in the context of a story – everybody loves stories more then mere facts, features, statics and benefits 

  • Juice it with emotions – emotions help shift the state of your audience and leads them to decision point. That is impact creation! 

  • Move your story and emotional lines according to the axis of pain and pleasure. This simply means that you start your story from the pain factor – loss, fear, lack, difficulty or challenge and move along the continuum to end with pleasure factor – gain, conquering, achieving, abundance, or over coming. Remember Hollywood?

  • Place your “spin” at the end, the decision you would like them to make aligned to the pleasure factor and not deciding in that direction with the pain factor.            


That’s it folks. Keep it simple, fun and uncomplicated. Communication is fun and when it is fun, your audience will be having fun and when they are having fun… would have them eating out of your hands!  


Stay committed to transcending, transforming and transferring value back to your world!


Conrad Rozario is the founder of Alchemy Resources. He has more than 14 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Management and Talent Development. He holds a MBA from Gordon University, Illinois, is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Semantics and NLP (ISNS, USA), a Language and Behavior Profiling for Coaching Practitioner.  You can follow Conrad on facebook!