The person behind Alchemy Resources:

Conrad Richard Rozario – The Alchemist  



A Certified & Licensed Trainer of  Neuro Semantics – Neuro Linguistic Programming from The International Society of Neuro Semantics (USA),  a Language & Behavior (LAB) ProfilingPractitioner,  an MBA holder  in Business Administration, Specializing in Communication Studies, Conrad comes from an extensive back ground of studies in the fields of Humanities, Theology, Sociology, Psychology & Counseling.

Career Highlights

Starting from the position of an Executive, Conrad climb to the rank of Regional Vice President of Sales in the first company he worked in within the period of just TWO years.

He then took his talents and skill in sales, marketing and people management and started his own business, becoming a successful entrepreneur in a challenging industry with the period of THREE years.

Still maintaining his business, he then dived again into the corporate world where he helped turn around a company to become a USD million dollar firm within the period of ONE and a half years!


Having been both in the corporate and the business world as an entrepreneur, Conrad brings with him years of experience and knowledge in the fields of sales, marketing, business management, customer service, organizational behavior and talent development.

With strong and dynamic presentation skills and qualifications in the science of change and modeling genius, Neuro Semantics and Neuro Linguistic Programming, Conrad is a talented and entertaining facilitator and coach.


About Alchemy Resources: The 3Ts

At Alchemy Resources, our mission is to help individuals, communities and corporate bodies  to achieve  transformation by turning challenges and mundane experiences into powerful solutions and experiences that transform , transcend and transfer value, significance and meaning back to their world.

We believe that challenges and obstacles hold part of the substances that leads to transformation. The other parts  comes form Alchemy Resources, an alchemy combination of knowledge and experiences from the science of Business Management, Psychology and Neuro Semantics  – Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Combined, they PARTNER you in co creating new probabilities and solutions!  

The Symbol

The two triangles symbolize the coming together of different elements and the large circle is the “crucible of alchemy” where they are transformed into a richer substance. The Red and Dark Blue arrows symbolizes the dynamic processes of alchemy and the inner smaller circle is the newness that is created.