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I just finished a weekend retreat with a group of company executives who had come together with one agenda in mind, how to build quality teams that deliver 5 star performance. I must say that that it was an exciting weekend as we explored different theories, models, results and expectations. The most important thing that they were made to realized is that winning the “outer game” in the market place of producing 5 star team performances had everything to do with winning the “inner game” – giving their team meaning, creating meaningful work and working conditions. Meaning and performance go hand in hand. This, together with the 8 CORE “A” TEAM guidelines presented below, help form teams that perform and actualize their highest meaning and potentials!         



Foster and maintain a “life giving” work environment: You as the team leader have to set and maintain the tone of the working environment – a high trust and low threat environment. Model and encourage the attitude that you want to be seen and practiced in others.


Set well defined expectation: Tell your people what you expect of them and when you want the task completed. Unclear expectations create an atmosphere of uneasiness and uncertainty as well as a lowers the quality of work in teams.     


Have clear cut guidelines: Provide your team members a clear road map for their tasks. Processes have to be made clear, easily understood, visible and transparent. Once these have been set, keep to them!   


Delegate: If you are the team leader, you have to learn to delegate. Leadership that inspires is a leadership that delegates and empowers at the same time. You are no superman nor are you a man act! Your job is to build team synergy!   


Be enthusiastic: Enthusiasm is the energy that keeps people engaged and focused. It is contagious and creates an electrifying working environment that breeds innovation and creativity. Avoid the dreaded “leadership by fear and intimidation” principle…leave that for the Guantanamo Bay wardens and guards!     


Provide feedback: By letting your team members know how they are doing and having a visible and transparent score board, you will propel them to excellence and inspire them to build and maintain a culture of excellence. As their leader, you must be part of that score board, walk the talk!


Provide necessary resources and training for your team to close performance gaps: Ensure that team members can access knowledge, information, skills and tools as well as specialists to help them close performance gaps and achieve their goals. This is what we call competency and confidence building which delivers the actualization of potential and organizational growth.  


Inspire team spirit and ownership: This is done by appreciating and rewarding the contribution of both the individual and the team’s achievements. Appreciate, inspire and keep pointing to the goal and identity of the team. This builds team spirit and ownership of the goals and outcomes.


I do hope that the above will help you transform the people you work with into power teams that deliver 5 star performances! Perhaps it would be best to end this article with a quote from the Special One…..


“The stars now are Inter, they are the European champions.

My message to the players at Real, if I come to coach them, is that they are not stars, the star is not the

coach, the star is the team.”

- Jose Mourinho -


 Stay committed to transcending, transforming and transferring value back to your world!


Conrad Rozario is the founder of Alchemy Resources. He has more than 14 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Management and Talent Development. He holds a MBA from Gordon University, Illinois, is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Semantics and NLP (ISNS, USA), a Language and Behavior Profiling for Coaching Practitioner.  You can follow Conrad on facebook!